No Further is a project on the outside looking in.  It's when the world feels elusive, and you have to find your way again.  It explores presence in the midst of fear and doubt, and incorporates themes of memory, mystery, work, waiting, loss, faith, light, and death.  

The works begin with references to the natural world - something simple and direct - most often a figure in a landscape.  Images in this cycle of paintings range from an adolescent child with a falconry owl in the midst of a snowy clearing, to an African immigrant trimming a topiary of Rodin’s Thinker, and a blind man blue in the face running alone in a grassy expanse before a mountain side. What unites the references is a charge, or a moment of tension, between the world they inhabit and our own world.

The title of this cycle of paintings, No Further, comes from a passage from Søren Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling: “But the highest passion in a human being is faith, and here . . . every generation begins from the beginning, the succeeding generation comes no further than the previous one, provided the latter was true to its task and didn’t betray it.” Like ages past, ours is a world in which many discard faith as an historical relic; I wondered if there might be something yet to be uncovered.